Friday, March 14, 2008

Loki : Week One

It has been exactly one week since we adopted our beautiful Loki. He is such sweet, and gentle dog. He is very timid and shy, but very well behaved and clearly wants our love and approval.

It has been a hard week for our little Sasha Vinny. Every time she looks up at us with those big eyes, she seems to be asking, " why did you bring this monster into my house? " And it is her house. We thought she would be a shrinking violet, hiding under the bed , and never coming out. This is a pretty tough cat, to stand up to this giant horse dog.

Today he made much more eye contact with me than usual, and seemed more relaxed, and even a little playful. I have been spending all my spare time with him, walking him three times a day and handing out lots of love and tummy rubs. It makes me so sad to realize that he has probably never had anyone show him this kind of love before ( except maybe his foster parents from We feel so lucky to have found him, and so glad that we can offer him a life of love, warmth, and turkey treats.

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