Saturday, September 6, 2008

Who's A Good Boy ?

It's been six months since we adopted Loki, our beautiful retired racing greyhound. He has been slowly adjusting to life after the track, and seems to bond with us more and more each day. About a six weeks ago I started taking him to a fenced park every morning at 6 : 30 AM. While he is there he gets to meet lots of dogs and people too. Since we started going his personality has really blossomed. It is so rewarding to watch this shy and timid animal come out of his shell. Another perk of the dog park is Jen and I have made some wonderful new friends as well.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Welcome Young Henry !

It was a rainy May evening when we first heard him crying. That awful, lonely sound of hunger and fear came from underneath a parked car, directly in front of our house. As I watched Jeanette gently place a small plate of kibble just under his nose, he looked up at her, and for just a moment it was as if I heard him speak. This beautiful kitten, not much more than matted wet hair and bones, looked up at my wife and focused upon her his most primal need. He said, " Mommy ?"

And that is where the cheezy sentimentality ends. After a few days of Young Henry ( Jen claims he told her that was his name ) coming around and crying, we scooped him up and took him to the vet. He checked out fine , other than an eye infection, fleas and needing to gain weight.

As much as we love Young Henry , things have been just awful since we got him. As soon as we got him home both Loki and Sasha Vinny started to get sick. Loki has had raging diarrhea and has had to go out every hour or he ends up pooing on the floor, and Sasha has been vomiting and refusing to eat or drink. We have been back and forth to the vet with all the animals multiple times. The good news is that so far it does not seem to be anything major, the bad news is sleep deprivation. disgusting dog poo everywhere, sad sick animals,$800.00 in vet bills and counting, and poor Young Henry quarrantined in the guest bedroom.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Loki : Week One

It has been exactly one week since we adopted our beautiful Loki. He is such sweet, and gentle dog. He is very timid and shy, but very well behaved and clearly wants our love and approval.

It has been a hard week for our little Sasha Vinny. Every time she looks up at us with those big eyes, she seems to be asking, " why did you bring this monster into my house? " And it is her house. We thought she would be a shrinking violet, hiding under the bed , and never coming out. This is a pretty tough cat, to stand up to this giant horse dog.

Today he made much more eye contact with me than usual, and seemed more relaxed, and even a little playful. I have been spending all my spare time with him, walking him three times a day and handing out lots of love and tummy rubs. It makes me so sad to realize that he has probably never had anyone show him this kind of love before ( except maybe his foster parents from We feel so lucky to have found him, and so glad that we can offer him a life of love, warmth, and turkey treats.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Loki : Our New Baby

Well, we finally did it! Today we adopted a beautiful four year old, 79 pound, retired racing greyhound. Here is a little video of his first day. Look how skinny he is!!

We found the newest member of our little family through, an organization dedicated to saving these sweet and gentle beasts. He has been off the track for about a month , and in a foster home for a week learning a little bit about the life of the common house dog.

The first night had its share of challenges, but everything has worked out so far. After a long stressful car trip (this poor scared dog), a relatively peaceful meeting with Sasha Vinny (hissing and running), and a nervous bladder explosion on the dining room floor, we are finally all lying down for a good nights sleep.


We have been patiently trying to get these two animals to coexist, and it really seems to be working. The first day featured some hissing, barking, running, and lunging. But by this afternoon I had them sitting next to each other eating turkey out of my hands. At one point they were peacefully sniffing each others faces. I am predicting some interspecies love.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Prague Castle

Guest post by Heather Acord.

Day 3 brings the four of us to the highest point in the city -- Prazsky Hrad. We spent a lot of time in St Vitus's Cathedral, a beautiful example of true Gothic architecture. The homage to St Wenceslas was clear - as was the importance of Charles IV to European history and its documentation. The Castle grounds include the Royal Palace, a convent, a basilica and an adorable little street where the castle guards once lived. These picturesque cottages fell into disrepair and at one point housed poor artisans and poets, including Kafka in the early 1900's. Jeanette's research on the best restaurants in the city comes to fruition once again with a Thai hot spot called Arezenal. Then we headed to a jazz joint off the Old Town Square, U Stari Pani, where we heard a fantastic Czech band Mache Banko Quintet. If you get the opportunity, travel with the Mosick-Irwin duo - they don't disappoint!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Prague : Fall 2007

The Cast :

Dave and Jeanette (you know us, you love us)

Jeff and Heather (we know them , we love them , the best travel partners ever ....wooohooo!!!)

The Flight : Nice and easy thanks to Tylenol PM and melatonin. Dave looked insane , dressed in his pajamas (Hip hop style track suit) and earplugs , eyemask and neck pillow.

Day 1 : We get dropped of at our apartment building, which much to our suprise was not the Gorgeous , two separate penthouse apartments we had carefully selected after scouring the internets for weeks. Instead , we got a single dingy apartment with two bedrooms and one tiny bathroom and a windowless kitchen. I wont even discuss the bedding. Gross!!

I know , when did we become such snobs?

Well it all worked out, sort of. Jeff and heather moved to a separate apartment down the street,which was so nasty they ended up moving out againt to a nice hotel .

We Stayed in the two bedroom with the gross bedding.

Day 1 (continued)

We had lunch at an amazing Vegetarian Restaurant ( props to Jeanette for all her research!). The most charming thing was that on the menu was the policy : All monks and enlightened ones eat free


We spent most of the day dealing with the apartment issues and walking around this stunningly beautiful City. We had a delicious dinner at an Indonesian restaurant and went to bed

DAY 2 :

Let the fun begin !

Travelling with friends is so much fun. At home our lives are so busy and we often end up feeling isolated from our friends and family. Jeff and Heather are two of our closest friends , but we really only see them every month or so at home. It's so refreshing to eat every meal with them and really connect.

We started the day at a beautiful and stlyish cofee shop with croissants, espreso and a cup of molten dark chocolate

and the eating frenzy continues

we head a fantastic brunch at a super hip vegetarian hot spot, where we drank lots of espresso and had one our usual long discussins of current fiscal policy, peak oil , and the coming economic collapse.

Jeff suggested we start the trip off by going to the prague history museum , to put the rest of our sightseeing in some historical perspective

we had a great time at the museum and learned alot, but we left with alot of unanswered questions.

Wikipedia, here we come

more walking , looking, eating

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Conratulations Mory and Ildi

.....and a hearty welcome to their beautiful new baby boy Lucas “Luke” Aron Watkins.

Jen and I are so excited that our great friends Mory and Ildi have just had their first child. Luke was born at 9:12am on Saturday, June 9th, 2007. Weighing in at just about 8 lbs Luke started his life outside of Ildi's tummy by scaring the bejezus out of his parents! he was spitting up a lot of amniotic fluid and ended up being moved to he neonatal intensive care unit at Georgetown University Hospital. Thankfully, the doctors determined everything was okay and after a long harrowing day, the family got to go home.

We cant wait to go see the little guy and be the first to introduce him to the wonderful world of tofu.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Stop Me if You've Heard This One Before

I know I'm probably wearing out your patience for all things garden and farm-related, but let me just post this one last piece on produce. The garlic scape. Have you ever heard of it? I hadn't until it showed up in our weekly CSA share. I turned to Google to figure out how to cook it (cut into 2 inch pieces, parboil for 2 minutes and saute or stir fry with other vegetables, or make it into a delightful sounding pesto). It's absolutely delicious. Like addictively delicious. I'm still thinking about it's light garlic flavor and asparagus-like texture. If you're lucky enough to run into it at the farmer's market this time of year, don't pass it up.

It being the weekend, we connected with friends over brunch both yesterday and today. Michelle and Jason, who just got married and recently returned from their honeymoon in Costa Rica, got an earful about our kooked-out investment strategy (the sky is falling so you best buy gold, and start hording whisky and soap to trade once the conventional economy collapses). The conversation was a little lighter this morning with Lyndon, Dea and their new bebeh Roland (or Rolli, as they prefer to call him). Well, actually, I take that back. We did a lot of complaining about the current state of medicine. Dea got screwed by the hospital where she gave birth as she ran a low fever after Rolli's birth. They wouldn't release her until it came down. After a number of days she insisted they let her go, and sure enough, as soon as she got home the fever disappeared. I confessed to them that I haven't set foot in a doctor's office for over 4 years (no, not even for a pelvic or any other routine exam) because I'm convinced you increase your chances of getting sick by visiting the doctor. When I told that to my family recently the news was met with shock and horror. Dea and Lyndon seemed to understand.

This week's daydreams: Rick Steves' interview with the author of Vagabonding and The Amateur Traveler's Chris Christensen's feature on a family of 6 who are just finishing up a year-long around the world tour made me think "could Dave and I take off for a year and travel? Who would take care of Vinny?" :: Biodynamics - when is the California Bay Area not at the forefront of extreme food trends? :: PayPlay - 1,300,000+ indie music tracks.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Caffeine Blues

So, I am on day 5 with no caffeine, and I am losing the will to live.

Many of you know about my long term, love/hate relationship with coffee. It's been a complicated affair, an emotional roller coaster if you will, and recently I finally decided to end it.

Moderation has never really been "my thing," and my most recent coffee binge left me feeling depressed and exhausted. I began a weaning off process by using caffeine pills, and decreasing my daily dosage over a two week period.

And then I had to say goodbye.

So here I am, a little more of a curmudgeon than usual, of course Jen says its just my usual cranky self.

Oh well, one day at a time.

What Bounty

Dave and I have been host these past few days to my mom Fran and sister Katy. Vinny the cat and I have been in heaven. Mom plays Vinny constantly and even let her out in the backyard one afternoon. (We quickly put an end to that, however, as Vinny has a habit of jumping the fence and disappearing for days. She can't be trusted outside). We've already seen 2 movies (Once and Waitress - both really fantastic), gone to the gym everyday, visited the US Botanical Gardens on a hellishly hot day, eaten brunch at local restaurants, including the absolutely delicious Belga Cafe on 8th Street, picked up our weekly share at the CSA Clagett Farm, and done a little work at our own vegetable plot at the Kings Court Community Garden. I even put my mom to work pulling weeds in the back yard (what a daughter, huh?).

And I'm happy to report that Dave and I have been harvesting vegetables from our little plot like maniacs. The radishes, mesclun, mustard greens and broccoli rabe (really best eaten very very young) were delicious!

Good stuff: If I were a real artist this is the kind of stuff I'd hope to produce :: Housewares company that made Vinny's incredibly fasionable, and earth-friendly, new bowl :: New band finds of the month The Bird and the Bee and The Frames.