Monday, October 1, 2007

Prague : Fall 2007

The Cast :

Dave and Jeanette (you know us, you love us)

Jeff and Heather (we know them , we love them , the best travel partners ever ....wooohooo!!!)

The Flight : Nice and easy thanks to Tylenol PM and melatonin. Dave looked insane , dressed in his pajamas (Hip hop style track suit) and earplugs , eyemask and neck pillow.

Day 1 : We get dropped of at our apartment building, which much to our suprise was not the Gorgeous , two separate penthouse apartments we had carefully selected after scouring the internets for weeks. Instead , we got a single dingy apartment with two bedrooms and one tiny bathroom and a windowless kitchen. I wont even discuss the bedding. Gross!!

I know , when did we become such snobs?

Well it all worked out, sort of. Jeff and heather moved to a separate apartment down the street,which was so nasty they ended up moving out againt to a nice hotel .

We Stayed in the two bedroom with the gross bedding.

Day 1 (continued)

We had lunch at an amazing Vegetarian Restaurant ( props to Jeanette for all her research!). The most charming thing was that on the menu was the policy : All monks and enlightened ones eat free


We spent most of the day dealing with the apartment issues and walking around this stunningly beautiful City. We had a delicious dinner at an Indonesian restaurant and went to bed

DAY 2 :

Let the fun begin !

Travelling with friends is so much fun. At home our lives are so busy and we often end up feeling isolated from our friends and family. Jeff and Heather are two of our closest friends , but we really only see them every month or so at home. It's so refreshing to eat every meal with them and really connect.

We started the day at a beautiful and stlyish cofee shop with croissants, espreso and a cup of molten dark chocolate

and the eating frenzy continues

we head a fantastic brunch at a super hip vegetarian hot spot, where we drank lots of espresso and had one our usual long discussins of current fiscal policy, peak oil , and the coming economic collapse.

Jeff suggested we start the trip off by going to the prague history museum , to put the rest of our sightseeing in some historical perspective

we had a great time at the museum and learned alot, but we left with alot of unanswered questions.

Wikipedia, here we come

more walking , looking, eating

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