Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Prague Castle

Guest post by Heather Acord.

Day 3 brings the four of us to the highest point in the city -- Prazsky Hrad. We spent a lot of time in St Vitus's Cathedral, a beautiful example of true Gothic architecture. The homage to St Wenceslas was clear - as was the importance of Charles IV to European history and its documentation. The Castle grounds include the Royal Palace, a convent, a basilica and an adorable little street where the castle guards once lived. These picturesque cottages fell into disrepair and at one point housed poor artisans and poets, including Kafka in the early 1900's. Jeanette's research on the best restaurants in the city comes to fruition once again with a Thai hot spot called Arezenal. Then we headed to a jazz joint off the Old Town Square, U Stari Pani, where we heard a fantastic Czech band Mache Banko Quintet. If you get the opportunity, travel with the Mosick-Irwin duo - they don't disappoint!!

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