Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What Bounty

Dave and I have been host these past few days to my mom Fran and sister Katy. Vinny the cat and I have been in heaven. Mom plays Vinny constantly and even let her out in the backyard one afternoon. (We quickly put an end to that, however, as Vinny has a habit of jumping the fence and disappearing for days. She can't be trusted outside). We've already seen 2 movies (Once and Waitress - both really fantastic), gone to the gym everyday, visited the US Botanical Gardens on a hellishly hot day, eaten brunch at local restaurants, including the absolutely delicious Belga Cafe on 8th Street, picked up our weekly share at the CSA Clagett Farm, and done a little work at our own vegetable plot at the Kings Court Community Garden. I even put my mom to work pulling weeds in the back yard (what a daughter, huh?).

And I'm happy to report that Dave and I have been harvesting vegetables from our little plot like maniacs. The radishes, mesclun, mustard greens and broccoli rabe (really best eaten very very young) were delicious!

Good stuff: If I were a real artist this is the kind of stuff I'd hope to produce :: Housewares company that made Vinny's incredibly fasionable, and earth-friendly, new bowl :: New band finds of the month The Bird and the Bee and The Frames.

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