Monday, May 7, 2007


There's something so satisfying about watching a seed you've planted sprout and turn into a plant. However, pulling those same plants that I've nurtured all season out of the ground to eat has taken me some time getting used to. I just couldn't get my head around it last summer and ended up picking most of my crops way too late - past the point where they tasted good, in fact. I vow to be ruthless this year.

Recognize the plants above, mom? It's the mesclun mix you bought me for Xmas last year. I've got the broccoli rabe in the next square, too. Everything's coming up this year, even the edamame seedlings I planted indoors. Better get those out into the garden this weekend, actually.

This week's discoveries: Gardening for the hip and female, You Grow Girl :: If only I could convince Dave, chickens in our backyard would be a great way to turn kitchen scraps into fertilizer :: Much better than the vermiculture set up (worms) we've got going right now :: Exactly the kind of drawing lessons I need - kid level!!!

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