Sunday, May 6, 2007

It's Like Living in the Stone Age

If you've talked to us recently you've heard us complain that our Internet access has been spotty for the past three weeks or so. Ever since we had Dave's sister, brother in law, two nieces and mom stay we've been plagued by our phone and Internet service cutting out (that made it sound like the two things had something to do with each other - they didn't, just a sad coincidence). Dave spent weeks trying to get the Verizon guy to show up, but even when we thought all was fixed we're still having problems. We're scared to death it's the wiring inside the house, which means, let's face it, we'll probably never get this resolved. It's destined to go the way of the leaky ceiling in our bedroom (still leaking after five years and $20,000 spent on a new roof), the broken and jagged tile in the laundry room (don't venture in with bare feet - it's dark in there because the light's broken), one third of the way done curtain hanging project (jesus, can't we just pay someone to install these things for us?) and the bags of left over dirt from the landscaping project started right after I moved in.

And we don't even have kids to blame for our home repair negligence.

Don't you want to see what I bought recently? The perfect electronics back pack slash workout bag. Now I can carry twice as much gear on the plane :: Shockingly expensive sheets that are high thread count yet confusingly scratchy :: A stylish three ring binder to hold my journaling stuff for our upcoming Prague trip :: Moleskine's new city notebook the Prague edition - how effing cool is this???

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