Sunday, June 3, 2007

Stop Me if You've Heard This One Before

I know I'm probably wearing out your patience for all things garden and farm-related, but let me just post this one last piece on produce. The garlic scape. Have you ever heard of it? I hadn't until it showed up in our weekly CSA share. I turned to Google to figure out how to cook it (cut into 2 inch pieces, parboil for 2 minutes and saute or stir fry with other vegetables, or make it into a delightful sounding pesto). It's absolutely delicious. Like addictively delicious. I'm still thinking about it's light garlic flavor and asparagus-like texture. If you're lucky enough to run into it at the farmer's market this time of year, don't pass it up.

It being the weekend, we connected with friends over brunch both yesterday and today. Michelle and Jason, who just got married and recently returned from their honeymoon in Costa Rica, got an earful about our kooked-out investment strategy (the sky is falling so you best buy gold, and start hording whisky and soap to trade once the conventional economy collapses). The conversation was a little lighter this morning with Lyndon, Dea and their new bebeh Roland (or Rolli, as they prefer to call him). Well, actually, I take that back. We did a lot of complaining about the current state of medicine. Dea got screwed by the hospital where she gave birth as she ran a low fever after Rolli's birth. They wouldn't release her until it came down. After a number of days she insisted they let her go, and sure enough, as soon as she got home the fever disappeared. I confessed to them that I haven't set foot in a doctor's office for over 4 years (no, not even for a pelvic or any other routine exam) because I'm convinced you increase your chances of getting sick by visiting the doctor. When I told that to my family recently the news was met with shock and horror. Dea and Lyndon seemed to understand.

This week's daydreams: Rick Steves' interview with the author of Vagabonding and The Amateur Traveler's Chris Christensen's feature on a family of 6 who are just finishing up a year-long around the world tour made me think "could Dave and I take off for a year and travel? Who would take care of Vinny?" :: Biodynamics - when is the California Bay Area not at the forefront of extreme food trends? :: PayPlay - 1,300,000+ indie music tracks.

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