Saturday, March 24, 2007

Good Morning Hawaii

Today is the first day of our Hawaii family vacation! So far , besides the 15 hour grueling travel day, the big events have been Jen stealing all the covers in the bed last night and "accidentally” pouring a cup of water in my suitcase this morning. Needless to say we started the day off with a good hearty laugh.


The Catchphrase of the trip so far has been “don’t make me cut you,“ which was used countless times during the ten long hours of airplane travel.

We arrived at Katy’s beautiful Home on the south eastern tip of Oahu last night. Katy had prepared us a fantastic dinner of brown rice, fresh steamed vegetables and savory sauce (just like in our favorite Hermosa beach restaurant, “The Spot“.)


Today we will pick up the rest of the family and the fun will continue.

More to come……….

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Jeanette Irwin said...

I think the words you were actually looking for were "accidentally spilled" a glass of water. It was an accident.