Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ok, This Doesn't Suck

A fun filled, action packed first day. I finally got to meet Lou! (Katy’s fiancé) They have been together for a few years, but somehow our paths have never crossed. Of course (like all members of our family ☺) Lou is smart , funny and cool, and I felt like I already knew him because of how much I heard from Jen and Katy.

After a leisurely morning, Jen, Katy, and I headed off to Costco to buy a week’s worth of supplies for the nine of us. We made the fatal error of not eating before we went in, and before long we were filling our cart with cheesecake and chocolate chip cookie dough.

After picking up the rest of the family at the airport, we headed to our vacation home Mokuleia Beach House:

This place rocks!!! Today’s catchphrase: “Ok, this Doesn’t suck”

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Jeanette Irwin said...

Too bad we're spending so much of our vacation in front of the computer, huh?