Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cat and Belly Fat

It's true - our cat Sasha Vinny is fat. She was 18 pounds when we adopted her and we had all kinds of good intentions to get her weight down to something healthier. But she had other plans, and a relentless will. At first we slavishly adhered to a 3/4 can of cat food total a day rule, with no dry food left out for in between meals snacking. This cat eats every morsel put down in front of her as fast as she can. But her constant harassing (including knocking things off surfaces and pulling down drapes) led Dave to devise a strategy of throwing crunches all around the house for her to chase. Alas, the extra exercise keeps her mind occupied - apparently boredom is an impetus for cats to overeat - but it has not resulted in any weight loss. Well, at least our drapes and knick knacks are safe.

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