Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

We had another fun filled, action packed, crime fighting, jet setting weekend! (Mild embellishment for the Internets). Friday started off with a bang as we tried a new Asian fusion restaurant in our neighborhood. Tofu and vegetables...that's what I'm talkin about!! it gets really sad...we were in bed by 8:30 pm!


Saturday we met our friends Kate, Patrick, and their son Luc for breakfast. They informed us they would be moving back to Costa Rica within the year. This conversation was very emotionally charged for us, as we will miss them, and we have also talked at length about packing it all in and moving to some tropical paradise (like Hermosa beach!!!)

Later that afternoon we met our great friend Mory (of Mory and Ildy Fame) at the national archives to watch the free showing of Academy Award nominated animated short films. They were all wonderfull. We thought it was sad that more people do not get to see them.

Saturday night I had a gig at Sala thai and Jen stayed on the family couch with the family cat.

Sunday I had my regular brunch gig. This week my friend Lyle played with me. He is a great saxophone player and a great guy (see the video above). He is also quite the ladies man. He did this gig with me a couple of months ago, and the waitresses have not stopped talking about him so I threw them a bone this week and brought them the beefcake.

The weekend ended with a bang as we watched the academy awards at our friends Mory and Ildy's house. We played the "oscar game" where each person guesses the winners in each category. Jen won!!!! It was great fun. We got to meet Ildy's mom, who was wonderful, and we love spending time with Mory and Ildy who have become really cherished friends...But we were all up way past our bedtimes!!

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Katy said...

Hey Kids,

Howz about this deal for ya'll? If you move to some tropical location (hmmmmm say Hawaii), I'll get a dog for you both and Vinny to play with.

My buddies, Madeline and Richard, have moved here and are looking to buy land to build their commune. I'm trying to get them to come to North Shore to visit with the family while we are all in town.

Jen, way to go on those pillows! One can never have enough cushions around the house.

Love to you both and can't wait for Spring Break 07 in paradise!