Monday, February 19, 2007

Three Day Weekend = Endless Breakfasts

Well that was a holiday weekend o' fun. Saturday: breakfast with Caren, Tony and Bill McColl (Bread & Chocolate - great food, terrible service), and then again on Monday with Lyndon and Dea (new crepe place around the corner). Dinner with Kathleen, Mike, Michelle and Jason at Woodlands (Best South Indian vegetarian in the area, IMHO) Saturday night before heading over to Bill McColl's for a belated Burn's Night party, where we were forced to affect Scottish accents, badly I might add. Worked out each day and since I'll take a break tomorrow did some interval training on the bike (Thanks Katy and Lou for the advice!). And of course shopping, as memorialized by Dave's video below. Tomorrow, it's back to work, I'm afraid.

OK, here's today's candy: People will blog on just about anything :: What was the point of "Waiting for Godot" and what does this Flickr set have to do with it? :: You wish your desk looked like this :: File under "why didn't I think of this?," Urban Curators cull art from decay :: Cute dog a day via Love, Charlie.

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